Market Sectors

Steel/Metal Forming

Smooth, engagement clutches and brakes are available, either air actuated or spring set. Well suited for high cycling on presses, shears, and other metal forming equipment that requires a robust, rapid response without shock or noise.


Advanced water-cooled & caliper brakes for heavy-duty, dynamic braking and tensioning on anchor/mooring winches and deck machinery applications. Clutches, PTO’s and Power Pump Drives give optimized control on propulsion and auxiliary applications. Help eliminate costly rebuilds in this corrosive environment.


The weather has an unreliable role in farming, orchard, and vineyard operations. Our Power Take-Offs help ensure a successful growing season by delivering a solid performance which means more bushels at the market.


WPT products deliver highly productive power for yarders, chippers, and grinders. Our products work for you daily to maximize your output and reward your bottom line. Uptime in your logging operation happens when your equipment performs dependably and with power.

Paper Converting

We provide products that deliver smooth, repeatable solutions for tensioning paper, film, corrugated paper, and other applications. Reliability and control help prevent overloads and jamming. Mainly where large inertia on start-up is needed, and high-speed processing is utilized.


Dependable clutches and brakes that can absorb and dissipate the thermal loads needed on dynos. From vehicle laboratories to manufacturing test stands, WPT products help control your torque or power require­ments.


WPT brakes and clutches support the demanding needs of oil and gas exploration. In these environments, the performance and safety of your equipment are crucial. Whether it’s offshore or land-based needs, our products provide precise control for heavy-duty braking, holding applications, and continuous tension control.

Road Building

Products that are the dependable muscle in a wide variety of applications. Featuring reliable performance and field-tested know-how creates successful results. Whether road rehabilitation, soil stabilization, or materials processing equipment, rugged WPT products make your path smoother.


We’re here to raise productivity in mining, mill operations, and aggregates processing. WPT products give you optimized control on material handling and other heavy-duty surface operations. Engineered for simplicity, makes WPT more reliable with minimum maintenance interruptions and increased long-term durability.