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WPT Power Partners with Local University in Capstone Program

WPT Power partnered with Midwestern State University McCoy School of Engineering Bachelors program students to complete a senior capstone research and development project. The 2019-2020 capstone project promotes collaboration between local industries, senior-level teams, and faculty to design, build, and test solutions to real-world problems.

WPT Power’s project aimed to improve the assembly of Power Take Off (PTO) units. The multi-pronged goal included simplifying the process, as well as speeding up assembly and increasing operator safety by improving methods of handling.  Students were tasked with proposing solutions by evaluating current processes and PTO requirements. They also performed design calculations and model analysis using ANSYS, SolidWorks, & MATLAB simulations. Other demands included designing safe pneumatic systems, sourcing components, construction, and testing. The project culminated in May 2020, when the students designed a rotating assembly stand for the assembly of 3 PTOs at once. Through a great deal of forethought and planning the construction went very smoothly.

Rotating Assembly Fixture for Power Take-Offs
MSU capstone team’s finished design of a Rotating Assembly Fixture for Power Take-Off (PTO) units.

“This was a successful partnership with the MSU engineering students and WPT Power and we look forward to working with them again,” said Bryan Schaffner, Director of Global Engineering. “They achieved the objective of improving production and safety with this stand design as well as developed project management skills.” 

MSU Senior capstone project team
MSU Senior capstone project team designs rotating assembly stand ready for PTO builds.

The WPT technical support for the project included Bryan Schaffner, Jennifer Arbuckle, Jesse Harris, Robert De Hoyos and Thomas Cunningham. The consulting technical advisor was Dr. Zeki Ilhan with additional support from Dr. Jan Brink and Frank Bohuslav, and all of MSU’s McCoy School of Engineering. Josh Gillis, Trace Hardee, Collin Palmore, Cody Park, and Ricardo Stuart made up the engineering team.

“As a MSU alumnus who participated in the Capstone Design program, I know working with industries on projects like this is a valuable real-world experience” Arbuckle said. “Students gain valuable skills working hands-on and interacting with customers and vendors to make a real product.”