Grinding Mills – Keeping them turning for longer!

Power Grip Clutch for Grinding Mill

WPT Power’s market leading Power Grip clutch products perform in many rugged applications across the globe. One of those and perhaps the most demanding application is getting Grinding Mills turning.

The Power Grip Grinding Mill Clutch offers a smooth, efficient engagement for these very heavy loads, a calculated slip time gives a soft start function which is key, as it is very forgiving on the rest of the costly drive train. Another key factor of the Power Grip is to ease the load and amp draw upon startup of the mill motor, and often when compared to other shaft to shaft clutch designs like the constricting drum style, the Power Grip can offer energy savings due to the total installed shaft weight being much less in some instances. This is achieved by having a much greater friction lining area from the multi plate style arrangement, rather than bulky drums with minimal friction contact. The added benefit of less shaft mass is that the pinion, motor or gearbox bearings will see less overhung load potentially giving longer service life and less lubrication consumption = additional ongoing cost savings.  

Clutch on grinding mill
WPT’s Power Grip Grinding Mill Clutches bring controlled starts to high inertia loads.

The Power Grip range also offers sites with multiple mills the ability to rationalize spares. Most sizes are available in various plate configurations, making it possible for common key wear components to be utilized for more than just one mill. Other designs on the market also can’t be rebuilt while keeping the drums/hubs in place, causing a disruption in the shaft alignment and often a complicated disassembly process, the Power Grip can be serviced on the shaft in most cases without disturbing the shaft alignment. In addition and another option WPT Power offers, is split friction material and a split air tube to make shaft mounting installations and servicing even easier, pair this together with the innovation of WPT Power’s extended tooth hub and the optional Wave Springs (Wave Springs available for 36” and under, 36” + remain coil) making the Power Grip Clutch by far the best choice when is comes to up front purchase, ongoing maintenance and added flow on benefits to other key mill driveline components. WPT Power offers sizing up to 60” and can cater for mills requiring an axial locking device or without, and we have the ability to span different shaft gaps while keeping the clutch element standard.  

To find out more please see our latest Power Grip catalog or get in touch with one of the very responsive team members.