Identifying your SAE Flywheel Size

SAE Flywheel Size

Identifying your SAE flywheel size can sometimes be a daunting task if you are not seasoned in the industrial engine sector. When selecting a Power Take-off (PTO) for an application, clutches are normally chosen based off the engine SAE Housing & Flywheel size that meet the SAE J617 and SAE J620 standards. Other factors play into choosing the correct PTO, but the base line for choosing the clutch size is based off SAE Flywheel.

SAE Flywheel Dimensions

SAE Flywheel Dimensions can be measured in a combination of different ways including: drive ring pilot, bolt circle, housing face to flywheel, pilot bearing bore, bolt circle diameter, quantity, and hole to hole measurements.

  1. Start by counting the number of tapped holes on the flywheel and measuring the diameter of the hole (dimension G).
  2. Measure the distance from the center of one tapped hole to another. This measurement will provide the Hole to Hole measurement.
  3. Measure the pilot diameter in the flywheel (dimension D).

Use the chart as a guide to determine what SAE Flywheel you have. Contact a WPT Sales Representative or Applications Engineer for further assistance.

Written By: Ty Kirk, Sales Representative