Setting the Benchmark! Customer Service at WPT Power


With the current global challenges we all face with raw material, manufacturing, and freight delays, WPT Power has continued to focus not only on their products, but the way they support the marketplace.

30 Years of Customer Support

WPT Power celebrated a 30th anniversary in February of 2022. In those thirty years, there have been a lot of fluctuations in the industry. One element that has remained consistent—regardless of market conditions—is WPT’s high level of customer service.

In Wichita Falls, Texas USA, sits the WPT factory and headquarters. It is within these walls that all the staff play a pivotal part in the success and continual growth of the company. The glue that sticks all the departments together, and links behind-the-scenes activity to the marketplace, is the customer service team. WPT Power recognizes that fast action and up-front communication with our distribution partners, end users, and OEM accounts are key for a successful future.

The Importance of Customer Service

Each year, WPT Power conducts a distributor satisfaction survey. All feedback is reviewed openly across every department with action items being discussed and addressed. Conducting these year-on-year surveys allows WPT to keep building their service levels and adapt to the ever-evolving marketplace. 

Providing quality service to customers is pivotal in continual growth of any company. This is made clear by surveys conducted by Salesforce and Microsoft:

  • 84% of customers say the experience that a company provides is as important as its products and services
  • 60% of customers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience

What makes the Wichita Falls customer service team so effective is not only their extensive experience and knowledge, but they have all the information at hand, and the tools and ability to act fast. Continually enhancing the customer service infrastructure contributes to the customer’s success!

What You Should be Asking

This makes WPT Power one of the most responsive manufacturers in the brake, clutch, and PTO space. They set the benchmark when it comes to response times and customer and product support. So, there are two elements here to consider, who is a more valuable long-term partner and who’s committed to helping customers succeed?

To find out more and discuss your equipment, please contact WPT Power customer service or factory representative.

Written By: Brett Emson, Sales Manager Asia Pacific & Africa