Stocking for Your Market – the WPT Power Approach

inventory management

WPT Power has held a robust distribution model since the company’s opening in 1992. This article is intended to outline the distributor partnerships and how WPT Power works to ensure our products are stocked as close to the market in which they are used. 

Global geography, diverse industries, and applications are some of our distributors’ considerations in stocking for their various markets. WPT distributors focus on particular products and industries, which allows them to cultivate strong working relationships. The geographical locations help best utilize and tailor distribution needs. Their product knowledge and applications determine the reasons to put them in inventory. WPT distributors serve the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and several others worldwide. They handle industries ranging from Energy, Agriculture, Forestry, Marine, Metal Forming, Mining, and Steel industry applications. 

WPT product lines are comprised of industrial clutches, brakes, power take-offs, hydraulic pump drives, and winches. Our distributor stocks the WPT inventory that’s critical for OEMs and businesses. Keeping inventory affords several benefits to the end user. They can include meeting customer demands, managing costs, and improving overall uptimes. Here are a few benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Having inventory on hand means customers can quickly receive their orders. Which can lead to increased satisfaction and customer loyalty.

  • Reduced cost of shipping and handling: Stocking large quantities of common products and parts can help reduce the shipping and handling costs as opposed to as-needed and expediting purchases.

  • Improved product availability: Maintaining inventory can help ensure products are available during periods of high demand, reducing the likelihood of stockouts and ensuring that customers’ orders meet on-time deliveries.

  • Enhanced sales and marketing support: A distributor with inventory can also provide additional sales and marketing support by promoting and showcasing products, demonstrations, and technical support.

In summary, the idea behind the distributor-held stock is to have the most probable products needed in each territory, minimize cost factors such as shipping, and deliver what they need faster and with less downtime. For reliable products and support you can count on, call 940-761-1971 or one of over 50 stocking WPT Power distributors all over the globe today.