Lifting the Standards


Driving down the road, you may have seen utility lifts casually working on power lines or trimming trees. It is important to have an efficient and reliable utility lift in the construction, tree care, and facility maintenance sectors to get the job done quickly and safely. There are many types of aerial lifts that serve […]

Grapple Winch adds Versatility

There are many options available when it comes to attachments for skid steers. One of the more popular attachments is the grapple. As it happens, WPT Power provides a grapple winch that make these already versatile tools even better.  A grapple is a hydro-mechanical claw that is typically mounted on the end of a boom, loader, or skid steer. The grapple attachment […]

Rotational Gearboxes On Utility Lifts

Over the past several years, WPT has established itself as a major supplier to the Utility Vehicle market. The flagship product in this market is our Rotational Gearboxes used on Utility Lifts. Utility lifts encompass bucket trucks used by utility contractors and basket trucks used by sign companies. Other applications include but are not limited […]

Marine Winch

From time to time, WPT receives a request from an OEM for a product that does not fall within the specifications of our standard product. Such was the case when we were approached by a crane manufacturer who was in the market for a specific style of hoist for a small marine application. This OEM […]