Energy Markets

The Energy Market Sector, or as it is more commonly referred to, the oil industry, is a group of companies and organizations centered around the exploration, extraction, transportation, and distribution of crude oil. This is a global industry that fuels the modern world that we live in. Recent global estimates suggest that over 90 million barrels of oil are used each day. Diesel, gasoline, asphalt, chemical products, plastics, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals are just a sample of the many uses for this naturally occurring raw material.

Regarding the crude oil industry, WPT Power has been a leading supplier of parts and products supporting many facets of the industry. Starting in 1992, WPT began by offering the Power Grip clutch line of parts and products for many of the widespread drilling & well service rigs. Over the next 25 years, the product lines were expanded to include the Power Grip PO, Low Inertia Brake and Clutch, Water Cooled Brake, Caliper Brake, Power Take-off, and Hydraulic Planetary Hoist. All our products undergo a detailed engineering design process followed by rigorous testing to ensure the best quality and performance. To make upgrades quick and easy, many WPT parts and products are compatible with older equipment as well.

Drilling Rig and Pumpjack in Energy Market

Drilling Rig and Pumpjack are two of the many applications WPT Power provides products for.

The Power Grip and Power Grip PO lines of air clutches were the primary product for mechanical power transmission in the early days of the oil industry. Both style clutches are used in drawworks to provide a mechanical disconnect between the drive system and drum. The Power Grip line includes standard features such as the patented extended tooth hub design, wave springs, heavy-duty friction discs, emergency lock-up functions, quick release valves, and high-quality neoprene air tubes and diaphragm actuators. With sizes ranging from single-plate, 8-inch units up to four-plate, 60-inch units, no matter the need, WPT has you covered.

WPT Low Inertia (LI) Clutches can be used in drilling & workover rigs in the same manner as the Power Grip. The LI Brake, on the other hand, is used as a parking and emergency brake to hold the drum from rotating or stop the load during a drive system failure. A common use for the LI line of brakes and clutches is the offshore oil industry, where they are frequently employed on mooring winches used on offshore drilling platforms. Again, the clutch provides a mechanical disconnect between the drum and drive system while the brake is used to hold the drum. The LI line of Brakes and Clutches features innovative design considerations to maximize airflow and torque production. The Low Inertia Brakes and Clutches are available in 6-inch through 60-inch sizes.

Power Grip clutches for Energy Market

Early Power Grip install on drilling rig and a recent build on an offshore winch.

Another braking option in the Energy Market is the WPT Caliper Disc Brake. These brakes are typically found on drilling and workover rigs and offshore marine winches. WPT offers these two models of calipers, the WDA-26, and the WDA-28. The robust yet elegant design means these units will perform at the top of their class, but maintenance is a snap due to the easy-to-swap friction pads. The newest design features a ductile iron saddle-frame design with an anti-stress load transfer system. It also has ventilated rotors allowing for increased airflow and energy dissipation. Depending on the heat and torque requirements, rotors are available in 30- to 60-inch diameter sizes.

For extreme braking requirements, the WPT Water Cooled Brake (WCB) provides on-demand torque and unmatched heat dissipation capacity. When used on the drilling rig, these brakes offer the power and precision to control the descent of the drilling pipe into the earth. Due to the long lengths of drilling pipe used, a tremendous amount of energy is created during the controlled descent. This energy is created in the form of heat, and the WCB has been specially designed with high-flow cooling plates to transfer this energy to an auxiliary water-to-air cooling system. The Water Cooled Brakes are offered in standard model sizes ranging from the 118 and continuing up to the 436.

Brakes used in Energy Market

WPT Power manufactures Caliper Disc Brakes and Water Cooled Brakes for various winching duties.

The WPT Power Take-offs (PTOs) are a shaft-mounted, bearing supported clutch in a bell housing that provides a method to engage and disengage equipment from the prime mover. Typical oil field use involves attaching the PTO to an SAE-compatible diesel to operate a pump. This pump could be moving the drilling fluid in a mud pump used to lubricate the drill pipe, or it could be used on a pump jack that removes the crude oil from the well. In either scenario, WPT offers a wide range of PTO products and models for all your engine-driven equipment needs.

The WPT Hydraulic Planetary Hoist was developed to provide the workover rigs with a rugged, compact, and cost-effective design. The hoists traditionally transport tools and equipment up the mast for repairs or routine maintenance operations. The WPT hoist features an efficient single stage hydraulic planetary drive to achieve a heavy line pull and fast line speeds. The multiple disc brake is spring-applied and hydraulically released to ensure the load is secure, even with the loss of power. The free spool option can be manually or hydraulically actuated. The hydraulic planetary hoists are available in a range of sizes and models varying from 7,000 to 130,000 pounds.

So, when it comes to the Energy Market or Oil Industry, you can rely on WPT Power’s nearly 30 years of experience. Please contact us today for more information on any of the products mentioned above.