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Automotive Style PTO

WPT Automotive Style PTO is designed for engines utilizing automotive or “flat faced” flywheels.  WPT has significantly reduced maintenance time and cost in this PTO design by eliminating the pilot bearing and utilizing sealed main bearings.  Clutch adjustments are quick and easy with external ball stud and jam nut adjustment points.


Automotive Style features

  • In-line or sideload applications
  • The troublesome pilot bearing has been eliminated to reduce failures and downtime.
  • Main bearings are sealed and require no adjustments for the life of the bearing.
  • Simple adjustments at the initial setup compensate for wear with a torsionally-dampened automotive-style spring-loaded clutch.
  • Adjustments are quick and easy with an external ball stud and jam nut.
  • The angular contact throwout bearing reduces heat buildup during long idle times.
  • Engagement force is 1/3 of the force required to engage an equivalent over-center type PTO.


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