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Caliper Disc Brake

WPT Power Caliper Disc Brakes are an air-applied, spring-released disc brake caliper system. Manufactured of die cast silicon bronze and stainless-steel hardware, these industrial brakes calipers are designed to withstand the most corrosive environments. WPT caliper disc brakes are ideal for drilling and workover rigs, drawworks, marine winches, and forestry applications.


Our rugged, low-maintenance industrial calipers are made of die cast silicone bronze with high quality stainless steel hardware. These calipers are lever operated and have adjustable clevises on the actuators to regulate the disc and shoe clearance. The actuators are designed to use minimal air or hydraulic pressure when applying or releasing the brake. Detailed technical design changes were made to increase the torsional strength and durability of our ventilated air brake calipers. Comes standard with non-asbestos friction material, and has semi-metallic pads available for higher torque applications. Balancing links are used to ensure even lining wear that reduce downtime and repair costs.


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