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Low Inertia Spring Set

The Low Inertia Spring-set (LISS) Brake is a spring-applied / air- or hydraulic-release design best suited for fail-safe or E-stop applications. The LISS can also be used as a parking brake since no pressure is required to engage the brake. With adjustable spring-release pressures, the brake can provide a range of torques that will suit many applications. 

Spring-set air release brake

WPT Power’s Low Inertia Spring-Set Brake offers the following features:
  • Available in hydraulic or pneumatic actuation
  • Solid, slotted, or ventilated center plate options
  • Available with Full Marine Corrosion Protection package
  • Type approval certifications available in DNV, ABS, or ATEX
  • Compatible with the Power Performance LI upgrade


Brochure: Download PDF


General Brake Application Form: Download PDF

Conveyor Application Form: Download PDF

Drawworks Application Form: Download PDF

Paper Machine Application Form: Download PDF

Press/Shear Application Form: Download PDF