Mechanical PTO

The WPT® mechanical power take-off consists of a lever actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing. With its simplified installation and sealed-for-life pilot bearings, this mechanical PTO clutch minimizes downtime and maintenance required. This flywheel PTO is designed for inline and sideload applications on all internal combustion engines with standard SAE industrial flywheel or flywheel housing dimensions. The WPT manual power take-off is available in a wide range of sizes for OEM’s applications and aftermarket retrofits.

Mechanical Power Take-Off
Mechanical PTO Innovations

The WPT Mechanical PTO offers the following innovations:

  • Sealed-for-life pilot bearings eliminate lubrication problems.
  • Ball bearing throw-out collars are optional on 10”, 11 ½”, 14” and 18”. Standard on the 311 PTO.
  • Heavy-duty, laminated, gear tooth friction disc is available for heavy shock load applications that require extra friction disc tooth strength.
  • All drive rings are ductile (nodular) iron or steel.
  • Roller pilot bearings are available for higher sideload requirements in select sizes.
Mechanical PTO
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