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Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft PTO

WPT Power’s Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft (OTS) Power Take-off is engineered to meet the most demanding diesel engine applications. This design eliminates the pilot bearing while increasing side load capacity over competitive units. The OTS PTO is suitable for pneumatic or hydraulic actuation from the side of the housing and can be utilized for in-line or side load applications. The WPT Pilotless OTS Power Take-off will increase uptime, engine life, and simplifying installation time.

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Pilotless Over-The-Shaft PTO

The WPT Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft Power Take-off provides the following benefits and features:

• Dual spherical roller main bearing design, increases side load capacity
• Self-Adjusting clutch
• No direct loading to engine crankshaft which increases life of engine bearings
• Time savings for assembly since no pilot bearing alignment required
• For in-line or side load applications
• Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation

Pilotless Over the Shaft PTO

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