WPT PTOs for Municipal Flood Pumps

Mechanical PTO flood control

As the storm clouds loom over Coastal Town, USA, emergency personnel from local and state governments jump into action by monitoring weather forecasts and water levels in their jurisdictions. Flood Control plays an essential role for those communities in coastal and low-lying areas, and pumping facilities must always be on the ready. If a pumping […]

WPT Power Earns Safety Award

OSHA Safety Award

The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) recognized WPT Power Corp. with a third Lone Star Safety Award for its exemplary workplace safety efforts and low rates of work-related injuries and illnesses. WPT Power Corp., a manufacturer of industrial clutches and brakes, employs 36 people at its Wichita Falls location. The company […]

The Ball Bearing Collar Advantages

Bronze Collars

WPT has been producing mechanical PTOs for over 20 years now. Starting with the automotive style flat-faced clutch that is so popular in the irrigation and chipper market, we eventually entered into the over-center market that spans an array of industrial, agricultural, and marine applications. From the beginning, our over-center designs offered both bronze and […]

Maintenance Series Part# 2 – Clutch and Brake Alignment

Power Take-off Alignment

Following on from our recent maintenance article on Clutch and Brake Shimming, we are now going to highlight the importance of achieving the correct alignment. Although there are a couple of other factors, a properly aligned and shimmed WPT clutch or brake…

100 Best Companies to Work for in Texas

Best Company

WPT power was recently named as one of the 2021, “100 Best Companies to Work for in Texas.” This ranking is from a program created by Texas Monthly, the Texas Association of Business, the Texas Society for Human Resource Management, and Best Companies Group. This award is the fifth consecutive year…

Proper Installation Adjustment and Care of Your WPT Power Take-Off

As WPT has grown over the years to be a leader in the global mechanical Power Take-off (PTO) market, we have strived to ensure that each product that we put out into the industry is accompanied by a detailed installation and maintenance manual. Proper care and installation are…

Maintenance Series Part # 1 – Shimming the Clutch and Brake

Quite often WPT encounters clients in the field that don’t quite recognize the importance of correct clearances and the shimming. Some customers are just unaware of the need to adjust the shim stack when it comes to new friction verses used friction. Shimming is also required…

LI Clutches & Brakes In Extrusion Applications

As a market leader in Low Inertia Clutch and Brake applications, WPT products can be found in a number of industries. One of our faster growing industries is one that involves Plastic and Elastomer Extrusion. Here, our Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes are used on equipment that batch mixes materials that are then force fed […]

OTS for Vacuum Trucks

In the world of recycling, there’s a plethora of machines designed to aid in the reclamation of waste products. Industrial dust collectors are one example, and WPT has played an active role in supplying our PTOs for these machines for quite some time. Large truck or trailer mounted vacuum systems which are powered by diesel […]