WPT Guides, Resources, and Tutorials

Reference materials

WPT Power provides a variety of guides, tutorials, and other resources designed to offer the maximum benefit in the ownership of our products. In an always-on world, customer support is of uppermost importance to WPT. We’re committed to providing you excellent support for the entire product life. Where to Access the Resource Guides We provide […]

​​Coil or Wave: Which Spring is Right for Your Power Grip Clutch?​ 

Coil Spring versus Wave Spring 2

If you find yourself in the world of the WPT Power Grip clutches, you will eventually come across release springs. This also means you will be presented with a choice, coil, or wave. In this article, we will discuss release springs and help determine which spring is right for your Power Grip clutch.  What is […]

How to Properly Store Your WPT Products

Product Storage Conditions

WPT’s general product storage guidelines builds positive customer experience. It helps protect your valuable assets, reducing the risk of degradation and corrosion.

WPT Flywheel Housing and Flywheel Adapter Guide for Tier 4 Engines

Tier 4 Flywheel Adapters and Spacers

More Standards, More Problems The implementation of the Tier 4 standard in 2015 brought the strictest EPA emissions requirements for diesel engines this century. An unforeseen byproduct of this standard was the disregard of the industrial SAE specifications for flywheel housing and flywheels. Specifically, the section that governs the over-center clutch mounting. Forgetting Industrial SAE […]

How To Identify Power Take-Off Parts – Pilotless® Mechanical

Power Take-off parts guide

Here is a quick reference guide to visually identify the common parts of a WPT Pilotless® Mechanical Power Take-Off. The main objective of a part list and exploded drawing is to provide a clear part ID, limiting any possible confusion in ordering replacement parts. This is often the best way to reduce the guesswork of […]

Can Safety Certifications Play a Role in Validating Your Purchase?

OSHA safety award

It’s helpful that some regional and universal safety certifications are granted to services and locations that meet specific safety standards. Are those certificates meaningful to customers? What’s the value of people and manufacturing facilities that have been thoroughly vetted for safety? How does prioritizing safety give consumers more confidence in their purchases? We’ll answer these […]

WPT Power Hires Claudio Arranz as South America Sales Manager

WPT Power is pleased to announce the addition of Claudio Arranz Araya as the South America Sales Manager. Arranz’s new position will focus on identifying new business and partnership possibilities, as well as implementing sales strategies and objectives for promoting WPT Power’s brand and products in the countries of South America. He will coordinate and […]

Stocking for Your Market – the WPT Power Approach

inventory management

WPT Power has held a robust distribution model since the company’s opening in 1992. This article is intended to outline the distributor partnerships and how WPT Power works to ensure our products are stocked as close to the market in which they are used.  Global geography, diverse industries, and applications are some of our distributors’ […]

​​How to Check Engagement Torque on a Mechanical PTO

Mechanical PTO torque

During the WPT Power Take-off (PTO) operation, the geared friction discs will wear. This is a normal occurrence and happens on all types of clutches and brakes. As the friction disc(s) wear, the torque capacity reduces. To compensate for this reduction in torque, the clutch pack needs to be adjusted. This article will show you […]

WPT PTOs for Municipal Flood Pumps

Mechanical PTO flood control

As the storm clouds loom over Coastal Town, USA, emergency personnel from local and state governments jump into action by monitoring weather forecasts and water levels in their jurisdictions. Flood Control plays an essential role for those communities in coastal and low-lying areas, and pumping facilities must always be on the ready. If a pumping […]