WPT Water Cooled Brake on Fishing Winches

Mooring Winch Water Cooled Brake
Fly-Shoot Winch with WPT Water Cooled Brake.

For commercial fishing operations to work, they must have a reliable catch-net system. The payout line is drawn out with drag caused by the net(s) in the water.  The winch brake system prevents disorderly unwinding of the ropes by keeping the necessary tension with a brake. The best method of keeping consistent line tension is to use a dynamic water-cooled brake paired with a feedback loop control system. WPT provides these water-cooled brakes to accomplish the job!

WPT Power offers water-cooled brakes in sizes as small as single-plate 14 inch units, up to four-plate 36 inch units. These brakes are designed to dissipate large amounts of heat through water circulation in applications where an air-cooled brake would fail. Sea water can be used as a cooling medium for the brakes, so they are a very convenient solution in marine applications. A proprietary Full Marine Corrosion Protection (FMCP) package is also available, which prevents corrosion related downtime. These units are available in both pneumatic and hydraulic actuation. Another great option is the fail-safe brake that is a spring-set, air/hydraulic released version which applies torque in power-loss situations.

Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or just looking to improve your winch’s performance with our reliable, heavy-duty water-cooled brakes, our team of professionals are ready to help! Give us a call or visit our website at www.wptpower.com for more information.