Full Marine Corrosion Protection Package

The WPT Full Marine Corrosion Protection (FMCP) package is an option that is available on most of the clutches and brakes in the WPT line-up. The FMCP option is ideal on equipment that will be exposed to marine and other corrosive environments. The package includes a proprietary plating process, a three-part paint system, and stainless-steel hardware.

marine industry brakes
Hydraulic Low Inertia Spring-Set Brake with Full Marine Corrosion Protection in shipping and later installed on a positioning winch.

The heart of the FMCP package is the plating process used on the drive plates, hub, drive ring, and backplate. These parts can be subjected to high speeds and extreme forces, so having a safeguard that can withstand these factors is important. The treatment increases the surface hardness and prevents abrasive wear and galling. In addition, the coating is self-lubricating to provide a low coefficient of friction. When compared to traditional chromium or nickel-plating processes, the WPT plating process significantly improves the life of the product.

Marine plating process chart

The WPT plating process also features resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and acids making it great for caustic environments. It also prevents galvanic corrosion caused by incompatible metals. When compared to the other popular options, it outperforms the competition considerably. This provides smooth operation and maximum life for equipment like brakes operating in marine or other harsh environments.

FMCP Plating Salt Spray Test

The FMCP package uses a three-part paint process to ensure all the painted metal components are protected from the marine environment. The process begins with a white aluminum oxide sandblasting process to prep and clean the surface of the part. Next is the organic zinc rich primer followed by the corrosion resistant epoxy coating. The final layer is a low VOC high solids polyurethane topcoat in WPT Blue. We also offer custom colors for large quantity orders and OEMs.

To compliment the plating and three-part paint process, stainless-steel fasteners, clamp tubes, and springs, as well as bronze water jacket bushings are used throughout the assembly. This ensures top quality performance and corrosion protection.

marine industry brakes with corrosion protection
Water Cooled Brake with Full Marine Corrosion Protection on escort towing winch.

So, for equipment that is operated in a marine or other harsh environment, the WPT Full Marine Corrosion Protection package will extend the operational life of clutch or brake.

For more information on the FMCP package, please contact WPT Power. We’ll also provide you with more information about our marine industry brakes.