Marine Markets

marine industry brake on Escort Towing Winch

WPT Water Cooled Brake on escort towing winch.

WPT Power has built a reputation in the Marine Industry for consistently delivering products that can get the job done. We offer a rugged line of industrial, marine clutches and brakes that work in a wide range of applications. The Water Cooled Brake, Water Cooled Clutch, Low Inertia Brake, Low Inertia Spring-set Brake, Low Inertia Clutch, and the Low Inertia High Torque Clutch is also available with WPT’s propriety Full Marine Corrosion Protection (FMCP) package. 

The WPT Water Cooled Brake and Water Cooled Clutch are critical products in heavy-duty marine winch applications. Whether it is an anchor winch, mooring winch, or towing winch, our marine industry brakes and clutches can provide the torque production and heat dissipation needs for these specialized winches. The Water Cooled product line features a low maintenance design with either pneumatic actuation or hydraulic actuation. The water jackets feature high-quality copper wear plates for optimal heat transfer and are engineered for optimal flow rate and pressure drop. Drive plates are available with three different friction material options—all with smooth transitions between dynamic and static friction coefficients configured to meet various tensioning requirements. 

Low Inertia brake on mooring winch

Hydraulic Low Inertia Spring-Set Brake on positioning winch.

The Low Inertia line of products is the perfect complement to any marine winch. The Low Inertia Clutches and Low Inertia High Torque Clutches are available in sizes ranging from 6 inches to 60 inches to accommodate the drive system demands of modern Marine Industry winches. The Low Inertia Brake and Low Inertia Spring-set Brake are hard to beat for standard duty braking needs. The latter is perfect for industrial fail-safe or parking brake functions. As the name suggests, this line of marine industry brakes includes a low-inertia design that reduces the rotational mass and the amount of energy required or lost during starts and stops. Actuation options include pneumatic and hydraulic

All the products mentioned above are available with WPT’s proprietary FMCP package. The Full Marine Corrosion Protection package delivers the defense needed for equipment running above deck or below deck in the harshest of saltwater environments. This option provides a three-part epoxy paint process, stainless steel hardware, fasteners, plated drive rings, hubs, and drive plates. In addition to the line of industrial clutch and industrial brake products, we also have Power Take-offs (PTOs) and Pump Drives for the marine industry that bolt directly to the back of industrial diesel engines.

The WPT Pilotless® Mechanical PTO, Pilotless® OTS PTO, Type 1 PTO, and the Type 2 PTO are no strangers to the marine industry either. Typical applications include levee and flood control pumps, fire suppression pumps, barge pumps, and dredge pumps. The power take-offs are typically used as a mechanical disconnect. This allows the engine to be brought up to proper operating temperature or for periodic starts without running the pump. In some cases, the load from the pump can exceed the power available from the engine at idle. The PTO is used to bump-start the system.  

The WPT Pump Drive is beneficial when additional SAE pump pads are needed to drive auxiliary equipment such as hydraulic pumps. The belt- or gear-driven pump drives mount to the back of a diesel engine with a standard SAE interface and provide one to eight pump pads depending on the model. They also feature a main through-drive with industrial SAE mounting options. This latter feature allows a generator, transmission, pump, or WPT Power Take-off to be bolted directly to the drive. 

So, when it comes to the Marine Industry, WPT Power has diverse product line offerings for all your equipment needs. Whether it is a Water Cooled industrial brake for a winch, Low Inertia industrial clutch for your drive system, PTO for your pump, or a Pump Drive to provide auxiliary mounting, WPT has the product for the job and the experience to guide you through the selection process

For more information on any of the products listed above, please contact WPT Power Applications Engineering or WPT Power Customer Support.