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Power Grip Clutches in Marine Winch Systems

Standard Clutch Marine Winch

Marine winch systems are used in the offshore industry in numerous applications. Common examples include anchor handling, towing, and mooring. Regardless of the application, most systems utilize a clutch to disconnect the drive system from the winch drum. WPT Power has been supplying Power Grip clutches in marine winch systems for over 20 years.

Leading the Way

The first WPT clutch featured in a marine winch was used to replace a dog clutch. That style of clutch requires low-speed engagements and causes shocks to the drive system. Plus, if both the input and output are at rest, the clutch needs to be jogged to be engaged. The winch OEM was looking for an upgrade to this design and came to WPT Power.

Feature-packed Clutch

With the extended tooth hub, wave springs, and durable airtube for swift engagements, the Power Grip clutch is an easy choice. Incorporating the WPT disc-style clutch into the winch’s drive system provided a heavy-duty and functional upgrade. The air-actuated clutch makes smooth, high-speed engagements an effortless task.

Continual Design Improvements

WPT Power’s constant strive to push things to the next level resulted in the expansion of the Power Grip line. Once only available with air, a hydraulic actuator was added to the lineup. This eliminated the need for a separate delivery system for clutch control since onboard hydraulics can be used. The hydraulic option has now become one of the most popular actuator options for clutches.

Wrapping it All Up

In short, with 20-plus years of field operation, the Power Grip is a top-rate choice for marine clutches. Exclusive features, smooth starts, and multiple actuator options give the flexibility needed for any system.

For More Information

If you need a clutch for your marine winch system, give WPT Power an opportunity to work with you today. The knowledgeable team of Sales, Customer Service, and Engineering staff are looking forward to working with you on your project. For more information on how WPT can help with your next project, email us at info@WPTpower.com.

Written By: J.D. Bodine, Senior Sales Engineer