Wire Rope Shovel & Dragline Brakes – Setting the New Standard

Dragline Brake & Wire Rope Shovel Brake

Traditionally, this industrial brake and clutch market sector has not been serviced to the degree required. To address this, WPT Power has been working hard in recent years to improve the situation for mining operators and contractors dramatically. That is why WPT Power has a presence in North & South America, Australia, Africa, and parts of Asia where wire rope mining equipment is in operation.  

Brakes for New Builds and Retrofits

WPT Power’s Mining Brake range, with their piston, diaphragm and airtube style of spring set products offer the market comprehensive product coverage. It includes high-quality compatible brakes, spare parts, and support, all under one roof. Headquartered in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA, WPT’s engineering, inventory, and assembly pays the highest attention to building and materials used on their products. 

True Component Life Benefits

The Mining brake range uses American-made sintered friction material in individual puck format to achieve the required high torque and heat dissipation levels. In addition, uniform friction wear and low levels of material transfer onto the wear plates contribute to consistent performance and holding capacity. 

These pneumatic release brakes, parts, and hubs are available in horizontal and vertical mount formats suitable for all motions. Available in various torque and release pressures, limit switches, temp sensors, and wear indicators are further options in the range. Essential for the industry, the true benefits are recognized by achieving the longest possible service intervals and component life. 

No matter if it’s a single, double, or triple plate model, a large friction lining area is present in a compact design when compared to other brake styles. WPT Power’s range is much more capable of handling these demanding loads over more cycles than a caliper-style design. Eliminating the need for large diameter rotors, which apply abnormal loads to the motor shaft, require unique guarding, and modifications are all seen as additional benefits in many mining operations globally.  

Rope Shovel & Dragline Brakes

The mining sector is a very demanding market, and WPT’s goal is to have the same high customer retention experienced in other industries. WPT Power is known for being very responsive to its customers. If you have any questions, require more information, or need technical assistance, then please reach out to your nearest factory personnel: 

USA & Canadainfo@wptpower.com 

South Americasouthamerica@wptpower.com

Australia, Africa & Asiaasiapacific@wptpower.com