Mining Markets

Grinding Mill Brakes and Clutches

WPT Power Grip Grinding Mill Clutch on ball mill.

Mining is a big industry with big equipment used to carry out its operations. With that size and scale, comes enormous expectations for performance. WPT Power has been a significant supplier in the mining sector since the company founding in 1992. Products such as the WPT Mining Brakes and Clutches and Power Grip Grinding Mill clutches are used in various mining equipment and machines. In addition, the Type 1 and Type 2 Power Take-offs, and the Python® Hydraulic Clutch Control all work together to keep this massive industry in motion.

In general, mining is the process of extracting minerals from the Earth. These include gold, silver, nickel, copper, iron, lead, lithium, and coal, to name a few. In recent years, rare earth minerals such as neodymium and praseodymium have become very popular due to their use in the rising electrical vehicle market. The typical mining process begins with extracting the raw ore, then crushing, milling, screening, and processing the final material. WPT Power can provide engineering expertise, durable products, and customer support throughout the process to keep the mining equipment at peak performance.

Dragline brakes and clutches

WPT brakes provides controlled performance for hoist, drag and swing and propel functions.

The WPT Mining Brakes and Clutches are engineered with sizeable earthmoving equipment at their backbone. These pneumatically actuated units operate perfectly in new equipment and upgrades for existing quarry machinery. Rope shovels, draglines, and bucket excavators use these brakes and clutches to move massive amounts of material in short order. WPT has the right product for the job with sizes ranging from 13-inches up to the larger 30inch units, vertical and horizontal mounting options, and custom torque and pressure settings.

The WPT Power Grip Grinding Mill clutches are specially designed for the demands of ball, pebble, rod, AG, and SAG grinding mill applications. These extra-large clutches are seated between the main drive motor and the mill and function as a primary means to start the large stationary load of the mill in the shortest and most cost-efficient method. Maintenance is made easy with features such as the quick-change drive adapter, split friction discs and air tubes, and wave springs. Axial locking devices are also available for drive setups with a floating motor shaft.

Portable rock crusher with hydraulic PTO

Rock crushing plant utilizing Python® Hydraulic Clutch Control and Hydraulic Type 2 power take-off.

For crushing and screening operations, the latest addition to the WPT Power lineup—the Gen III Python® Hydraulic Clutch Control—paired with a Hydraulic Type 1 or Type 2 PTO is a great choice. The Python® uses a patented control system to start high inertia loads found on impact, jaw, and hammer mill crushers. Features like overspeed protection, smooth engagement, and one-button operation mean the clutch is getting maximum power and life. The Hydraulic Type 1 and Type 2 PTOs are some of the most capable units in the WPT power take-off lineup. Both PTOs come standard with heavy-duty friction discs, high-capacity spherical roller bearings, and self-adjusting clutch packs.  

So, if you are looking for a great selection of mining clutches and brakes for your equipment, you need not look any further than WPT Power. Whether it is a clutch for your dragline or grinding mill or a controller and PTO for your crusher, WPT has the products, and the know-how, to outfit your equipment.

For more information on any of the products listed above, please contact WPT Power Applications Engineering or WPT Power Customer Support.