Preferred Sealed Bearing Collars

Throw-out collar

WPT Power has been using bearing collar assemblies since we first offered the Mechanical Power Take-off (PTO). The release of the Pilotless® Mechanical PTO in 2015, marked the first time we offered it with sealed bearing collars. This change would lead to

Field-proven Success

The field-proven success of the Pilotless® series of Mechanical PTOs resulted in the examination of the legacy line. The Mechanical PTO historically had two options for collars: greased-lubed bronze and greaseable bearing. In 2019 WPT decided to include the sealed ball bearing collar as standard in the complete Mechanical line of PTOs.

This change was first implemented in quarter one of 2022. So, if you order a new clutch pack or PTO assembly, it will come with the new sealed bearing collar assembly. There are many benefits to the sealed bearing design, some of which are outlined below.

Less Maintenance

One of the sealed bearing’s biggest benefits is less maintenance. The sealed collar assembly means there is one less item to grease on the PTO. Compared to the bronze collar, the greasing interval goes from 20 hours to 100.

More Robust

The next big benefit of the sealed bearing collar is a more robust design. The bearing collar assembly is, by design, more durable than the bronze collar version. The latter design featured two bronze halves riding on a channel of grease. The 100 percent ductile iron construction of the bearing assembly version creates a more robust mechanism for engagements.

What to Expect

When you receive a new PTO assembly with the sealed bearing collar, here’s what to expect. There will be a nylon housing plug where the grease zerk for the greaseable units was. The nameplates may still indicate you need to grease this point, but that is no longer the case. The only grease points are the operating shaft and main bearings. There will also be no grease hose connected to the sleeve assembly. This is normal.

When you order a clutch pack, or sliding sleeve assembly, the grease zerk and hose assembly will need to be removed. This is accomplished by removing the nut securing the grease zerk and hose assembly to the PTO housing. They can both be recycled or discarded. A nylon housing plug is included to be inserted into the hole to keep out the elements.

Continuous Improvement

WPT made the switch to the sealed bearing with the debut of the Pilotless® PTO. The success of this change resulted in full adoption across the complete mechanical line. This is just another example of how WPT is always striving for continuous improvement of our products.

For Additional Information

The Mechanical and Pilotless® Mechanical PTO is available from an Authorized WPT Distributor near you. For additional information on either of these products or the sealed bearing collar assembly, please visit our website at or call us at 940-761-1971.

Written By: J.D. Bodine, Senior Sales Engineer