Pilotless® Mechanical PTO

The WPT Pilotless® Mechanical Power Take-Off is the solution with proven field performance in heavy-duty applications. Customers require a durable product that is tough enough to meet the high demands of wood chippers, rock crushers, asphalt grinders, pavement milling machines, water blasters, irrigation pumps, paver units and other industrial and construction applications.

The Pilotless® Mechanical is the next evolution in over-center Power Take-Offs (PTOs). The unique design eliminates the pilot bearing and increases side load capacity. The Pilotless® Mechanical PTO will optimize your cost by reducing inventory, increasing uptime and engine life, and simplifying installation. 

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Pilotless PTOThe WPT Pilotless® Mechanical Power Take-off provides the following benefits and features:
  • Dual Spherical Roller main bearing design
  • Time-saving assembly with no pilot bearing alignment required
  • Most sizes fit within the envelope of the previous design
  • No direct loading to the crankshaft increases the life of the engine’s main bearings
  • Up to 70 percent increase in sideload capacity
  • Standard, HD Molded, and HD Laminated friction options

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