WPT Water Cooled Brake on Fishing Winches

For commercial fishing operations to work, they must have a reliable catch-net system. The payout line is drawn out with drag caused by the net(s) in the water.  The winch brake system prevents disorderly unwinding of the ropes by keeping the necessary tension with a brake.  The best method of keeping consistent line tension is […]

Market Sectors – Steel/Metal Forming

WPT Power Low Inertia (LI) clutches and brakes are a perfect match for the Steel/Metal Forming industry. We have an extensive product line to cover all your equipment needs. Our products include the Low Inertia Clutch and Low Inertia High Torque Clutch along with the Low Inertia Brake, Low Inertia Spring Set Brake, and Steel […]

Zenith Power uses WPT’s Pilotless™ Mechanical for their irrigating solutions

Irrigation Vineyard

With the advent of Tier IV emissions standards for diesel engines, OEMs and end users are scrambling for alternative power sources. Partly due to this, propane engines have moved to the forefront in many applications. One propane engine manufacturer in particular has been making a steady climb and emerging as an industry leader. This company […]

Best Pilotless™ PTO Uses in Forestry, Marine, and Energy Industries

Pilotless PTO Applications

The WPT Pilotless™ Mechanical Power Take-off (PTO) has proven to be the workhorse in the mechanical power transmission industry. The new bearing arrangement eliminates the pilot bearing and increases sideload capacity up to 70 percent over the previous generation PTOs. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best uses for the […]

Rotational gearboxes featured on Cleasby Conveyors

Cleasby Conveyor Truck with rotational gearbox

Located in Utah, Cleasby Conveyors manufactures a variety of construction roofing products. WPT provides rotation gearboxes to assist in the operation of their FBR and EXT-52 Conveyor. The job of these machines is to efficiently move roofing shingles from the loaded truck bed up onto the roof of the building by way of conveyor belt. […]

WPT Power provides the ideal solution, OTS + HPU for Australian Vac Truck contractor

Vacuum Truck PTO and clutch control

WPT Power along with our distributor Northstar Power, worked with an Australian Vacuum Truck contractor to develop a fully automated, clutchable PTO (Power Take Off) system. With this custom PTO arrangement the operator can engage and disengage remotely, start the engine, and control the vacuum boom by means of a custom wireless remote. This application […]

WPT Power improves production efficiency and consistency at a South East Asian Paper Mill

Copper water cooled brake in Paper Pulp Mill

WPT Power and our local distribution partner worked with an OEM whose fitted caliper disc brake wasn’t providing consistent tension to a large paper winding drive. This application required a prolonged engagement, which caused the caliper to overheat and lose torque. This resulted in inconsistent rolls which reduced production and quality. WPT Power, our distributor, […]

Power Take Off: All You Need to Know

Hydraulic Power Take-off on wood chipper

Road planers, dredges, and other equipment require power from some sort of engine in order to perform their designed function. Without a power take off, it would be necessary to add a second engine to provide the power necessary to run hydraulic pumps and other driveline attached equipment. Adding a second engine simply is not […]

The Applications of a Power Grip

Power Grip Industrial clutches

There are numerous applications for industrial brakes and clutches, and the global market for these items are projected to hit $1.7 billion over the next decade alone. Particular components, such as Power Grip and Power Grip PO Clutches, can be extremely beneficial in the operation of heavy machinery in oil & gas extraction, iron and […]

How Caliper Brakes Work

Caliper Industrial Disc Brakes

Caliper brakes are essential components in applications beyond what most associate with the automotive world. Drawworks on both land and off-shore operations, well servicing rigs, forestry equipment and others all rely on heavy duty brakes. Depending on the operating conditions, industrial caliper brakes are used in straightforward applications such as static holding, stopping, and include […]