Gear-Driven Pump Drive

The Gear-Driven Pump Drive is designed to mount to a standard diesel engine flywheel and flywheel housing. It provides multiple SAE pump and motor flange mounts. All models include a flexible coupling on the input. The Pump Drive can be provided with a variety of SAE engine housings, power take-off clutches, and accessories. Larger models feature an optional heat exchanger. 

SAE Pump DriveThe WPT Gear-Driven Pump Drive provides the following benefits and features:
  • Modular design for greater flexibility
  • Self-contained bearing and spline lubrication
  • Multiple models for design flexibility
  • Up to eight pump mounting pads available in various SAE pump flange sizes

Brochure: Download PDF


Power Pump Drive Application Form: Download PDF

Torsional Vibration Application Form: Download PDF