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Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Control

WPT Power’s patented Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Control is the perfect tool for any equipment whose engine struggles during machine startup. With the push of a button, our Hydraulic Clutch Control will feather any WPT fluid-actuated clutch to accelerate the most demanding loads. It eliminates the need for bump starting heavy loads which can stall or damage the engine.

Hydraulic clutch control

The WPT Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Control provides the following benefits and features:

• Eliminates operator-related engagement abuse
• Maximizes the clutch’s wear component life
• Optimizes engine behavior for smooth operation
• Can be easily integrated into OEM control systems
• Designed & tested to operate in cold weather conditions
• Compatible with SAE J1939 engine connections
• Available in 12 or 24 volt






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