Benefits of the WPT Power Type 2 PTO and Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Control

The Type 2 Hydraulic Power Take-off (PTO) and the Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Control (HCC) from WPT Power are a winning combination. When it comes to push button start options for your high inertia systems like chippers, grinders, and crushers, it is hard to beat the durability, sophistication, ease of installation, and cost effectiveness of a Type 2 PTO and Python HCC.

Type 2 PTO

In terms of durability, the WPT Type 2 is on top of the list. With features such as a self-adjusting hydraulic clutch pack, a pair of high capacity spherical roller bearings, and Heavy-Duty friction material, the Type 2 is the first choice for tough applications. WPT Power has over 25 years of experience manufacturing quality clutch parts so when it came time to design the Type 2 PTO, we didn’t hold back. Other options are also available, including flange-mount shafts, internal and external rotating unions, rubber input couplings, and even custom-designed solutions for OEMs.

Python™ HCC

For the most sophisticated hydraulic clutch control, there’s no other choice than the WPT Python™ HCC. Working with industry leaders in chipping, grinding, and crushing, WPT Engineers created a self-contained clutch controller that features a patented control process for engaging the PTO. With the press of a button, the Python™ ensures a perfect start every time, which helps increase the life of the PTO and engine. The controller has built-in features such as overspeed engagement prevention, leak detection, and advanced OEM integration options for use with J1319 engine controllers.


Installation is easy with the Type 2 PTO and Python™ HCC. The Type 2 adheres to standard SAE Industrial mounting specifications to ensure a perfect fit on a wide variety of diesel engines. No pilot bearing means quicker installation, no direct loading on the engine bearings, plus larger sideloads. With only one hydraulic connection for the Type 2 and one for the Python™, hydraulic plumbing is straightforward. The Python™ features user-friendly installation, only requiring five electrical connections to a J1319 enabled engine.

From the inception of the Python™, WPT sought to create a cost-effective way to start heavy-duty machinery. We succeeded in this using the Type 2 PTO and Python™ HCC. Compared to some of the other options available today, the Type 2 PTO and Python™ make the cost of designing, owning, and operating the machine more affordable. Not only is the initial upfront cost more affordable, but long-term ownership costs are reduced as well. The Type 2 PTO’s easy to maintain externally accessible rotating union and the self-adjusting clutch pack paired with the Python™ means less maintenance time and costs. When it is time for maintenance, the dry clutch in the Type 2 is easy to service and the Python™ requires nothing more than maintaining the hydraulic fluid.

So, if you are looking for a durable, sophisticated, easy to install, and cost-effective solution for your chipper, grinder, or crusher, look no further than the WPT Power Type 2 PTO with a Python™ HCC.

For more information about the Type 2 PTO or Python™ HCC, please visit the WPT Power website or call 940.761.1971.