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Power Pump Drives

Mounted to an industrial diesel engine, the WPT® Pump Drive (PD) is a Rear Engine Mounted PTO (REPTO) gearbox. The WPT® PD is a rugged and versatile unit providing for multiple live or clutched pumps. As the unit is self-contained, no external lubrication is required. Flexible couplings on the input side dampen the torsional vibrations and come standard on WPT® PDs.

The Pump Drive can be provided with a variety of input housings and the main output works well with WPT® Power Take-offs, diesel generators, marine transmissions, and any other industrial SAE compatible equipment. Depending on the model, up to eight pump mounting faces are available in various SAE pump flange sizes. The larger models have provisions for an internal heat exchanger that can be used in conjunction with an external cooler.

The WPT Power Pump Drives provides the following benefits and features:
  • Multiple models for design flexibility
  • Various SAE input and output options for easy installation
  • Up to eight pump mounting pads
  • Optional disconnect clutches minimize draw and amps for start-up
  • Comes standard with input coupling*
  • Optional internal heat exchanger kit available**
  • Self-contained bearing and spline lubrication


*Torsional Vibration Analysis (TVA) required for proper coupling selection
** Models WPD-01 and WPD-02 only

Pump Drive

Brochure: Download PDF


Power Pump Drive Application Form: Download PDF

Torsional Vibration Application Form: Download PDF