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Steel Water Cooled Brake

WPT® Steel Water Cooled Brakes (Steel WCBs) are designed for high-heat applications, such as coil processors and high-cycle press / shear lines. The unique design of the steel water jackets allows for the rapid transfer of heat to an external cooler or recirculation system. This increased heat transfer capabilities allow the Steel WCB to operate in continuous slip applications. WPT’s Steel WCBs are available in 1, 2, or 3 plate construction with diameters ranging from 6 through 30 inches. 

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Steel WCB

WPT Power’s Steel Water Cooled Brake offers the following features:
  • High duty cycle
  • Maximum heat transfer
  • Predictable preventative maintenance
  • Durable steel water jacket design
  • Low-inertia drive plate design

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