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Iowa steel mill using WPT Low Inertia Clutch.

WPT Power Low Inertia (LI) clutches and brakes perfectly match the Steel/Metal Forming industry. We have an extensive product line to cover all your equipment needs. Our products include the Low Inertia Clutch and Low Inertia High Torque Clutch, along with the Low Inertia Brake, Low Inertia Spring Set Brake, and Steel Water Cooled Brake. In addition, the Power Performance Low Inertia (PPLI) Clutch, PPLI Brake, and upgrade kit are available. This family of products brings performance, reliability, and precision to any equipment.

The WPT Low Inertia product line is specially designed for presses, shears, high-cycle machines, tension control, fail-safe, high-heat applications, and coil processors. The unique ventilation design allows cool air into the unit to help dissipate the heat during start-ups and stops. Further improvements were made to reduce the quantity and mass of the rotating parts, increasing the machine efficiency. The LI line also features both imperial and metric mounting options to accommodate a wide variety of applications.

Once installed on a machine, the Low Inertia clutch or brake will operate consistently, an essential component in cyclic applications. The rigid molded friction materials used in the low inertia line provide uniform torque production and wear rates. This consistency allows for regular preventative maintenance (PM) programs to be established and reduces the frequency of forced shutdowns due to clutch or brake repair. PMs and rebuilds are quick and easy thanks to the conveniently located wear shims and the unique multi-plate design of the Low Inertia line.

The WPT LI clutches and brakes utilize a proprietary airtube actuator to engage or disengage the clutch or brake. This allows for a wide operating range with the level of precision needed for the correct timing of the material operation. Quick response times are possible due to the number and size of the airtube spuds (air connection in airtube) and WPT Quick-release Valves (QRVs). The WPT QRV is maintenance-free and allows air to exhaust from the tube as quickly as possible. Optional mufflers are also available to reduce the ambient noise in the plant.

The Power Performance Low Inertia (PPLI) upgrade kit is a newer addition to the Low Inertia line. This kit replaces the standard molded friction discs and center plates with high-grade semi-metallic drive plates and high airflow, reduced inertia centerplates. The PPLI upgrade kit is an excellent addition to any machine and allows for increases in cycles per minute (CPM). The PPLI upgrade is also available in complete units that can be used for new applications or easily replace an existing Low Inertia clutch or brake.

For extreme high-heat applications, such as coil processors and high-cycle press/shear lines, the best option may be a Steel Water Cooled Brake (Steel WCB). The Steel WCB uses a unique center plate design that features an internal water passage. When plumbed to an external pumping/cooling system, the Steel WCB can quickly transfer the heat out of the brake. This ability to transfer heat allows the brake to be used in continuous slip applications and high cycle per minute machines.

When it comes to clutches and brakes for the Steel/Metal Forming industry, the WPT Power line of Low Inertia clutches and brakes add performance, reliability, and precision to the equipment.