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Pump Jacks and PTOs

If you have taken a drive through Texas, Oklahoma, or New Mexico, you may have seen dozens of pump jacks working up and down along

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Lifting the Standards

Driving down the road, you may have seen utility lifts casually working on power lines or trimming trees. It is important to have an efficient

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OEM Clutch Pack for Gearboxes

In a large majority of the engine driven clutch applications that WPT supplies, most tend to be a ratio of 1:1.  In these applications, the driven piece of equipment turns at the same rate of speed as the engine flywheel.  But occasionally, a…

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PTO Retro-fit Kit

If you are the owner of an older dredge from Ellicott or another manufacturer you may have run into this issue. The availability of replacement parts for the Power Take-off (PTO) clutch is getting thin. Luckily…

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