Installation Manuals

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Automotive-Style and GM-Style Spring-Loaded Power Take-OffsWIM-WG-001_EPDF
Caliper Brake (Ductile Iron Version)WIM-DA-002_CPDF
Caliper Brake (Silicon Bronze Version)WIM-DA-000_BPDF
Copper Water Cooled Clutches/BrakesWIM-OM-001_NPDF
Hydraulic Power UnitWIM-RS-002_DPDF
Hydro-Mechanical Power Take-offWIM-CG-010_BPDF
Hydrodynamic BrakeWIM-HB-000_APDF
Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes & Hi-Torque ClutchesWIM-OA-002_MPDF
Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes & Hi-Torque Clutches – Danieli OnlyWIM-OA-900_EPDF
Low Inertia Hydraulic ClutchWIM-OA-005_BPDF
Low Inertia Spring Applied/Air Release BrakeWIM-OE-003_FPDF
Low Inertia Spring Set Pin Style BrakesWIM-OE-001_CPDF
Low Inertia Spring-Applied Air or Hydraulic Release BrakesWIM-OE-000_LPDF
Low Inertia Steel Water Cooled BrakesWIM-OF-000_GPDF
Mechanical Power Take-offWIM-TD-000_UPDF
Mechanical Power Take-off Type 1 Gen II
Oil Actuated Head ClutchWIM-PD-100_BPDF
Pilotless® Mechanical Power Take-offWIM-TD-002_HPDF
Pilotless® Over-the-Shaft Power Take-offWIM-CG-011_EPDF
Planetary Hydraulic Hoist (8,000 lbs)WWH-IW-010_BPDF
Planetary Hydraulic Hoist (12,000 lbs)WIM-PW-000_CPDF
Power Grip ClutchWIM-OC-003_JPDF
Power Grip PO ClutchWIM-PO-001_JPDF
Power Pump Drive Model WPD-00WIM-PD-000_FPDF
Power Pump Drive Model WPD-01
Power Pump Drive Model WPD-02
Power Pump Drive Model WPD-03WIM-PD-003_DPDF
Power Pump Drive Model WPD-05WIM-PD-005_APDF
Power Set BrakeWIM-PE-000_APDF
Python® Hydraulic Clutch Control Gen IIWIM-RS-001_DPDF
Python® Hydraulic Clutch Control Gen IIIWIM-RS-004_GPDF
Type 2 Hydraulic PTOWIM-CG-007_JPDF
Type 2 Pneumatic PTOWIM-CG-002_GPDF
Water Cooled BrakesWIM-OM-010_JPDF