Heavy Duty Clutch

Heavy equipment operators know just how frustrating a yielding, responseless clutch can be. Lacking the proper mechanical operation in the industrial world can cause delays, mishaps, and huge costs in downtime. That’s why your industrial equipment needs heavy duty clutches to perform at the highest level. A solidly dependable engagement, coupled with unparalleled durability and build quality, is what we offer in our different types of industrial clutches. And that’s what we deliver.

At WPT Power, we are well-known for our industrial clutch products. Becoming a global leader in both the design and manufacturing of reliable heavy-duty power transmission equipment has made WPT Power the preferred choice by OEMs.

Why Our Heavy Duty Clutches Win

In any field of work there is a process for success. Top-tier engineering professionals, quality focused manufacturing, and customer-centric service allow WPT Power to stay ahead of the curve. Our process for success provides the blueprint for most trustworthy clutches and brakes in the industry.

  • Heavy duty clutches for large inertia loads that need a controlled engagement
  • Precision designs that make light work of highly cyclical starts
  • Specialized clutches that provide smooth, precise response times
  • Rugged construction to withstand heavy shock loads and torsional vibrations
  • Workhorse clutches that provide dependability and strength
  • Diverse clutches for many applications including both marine and mining markets

When it comes to creating industrial equipment components, WPT Power is completely unmatched. This is because we are intimately familiar with many industrial uses, having worked in it ourselves, and know that ‘heavy duty’ shouldn’t be a buzzword. Instead, it is a promise to our customers that we will stop at nothing to provide the highest quality, ruggedly dependable clutches possible.

For information about our standard, modified, or custom engineered products, contact us today, or visit our “Distributors” page to find the WPT Power Clutch supplier nearest you.