Zenith Power uses WPT’s Pilotless™ Mechanical for their irrigating solutions

With the advent of Tier IV emissions standards for diesel engines, OEMs and end users are scrambling for alternative power sources. Partly due to this, propane engines have moved to the forefront in many applications. One propane engine manufacturer in particular has been making a steady climb and emerging as an industry leader. This company is Zenith Power Products in Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

Zenith manufactures a full line of propane and natural gas engines. The size range includes 5.7-, 6.5-, 9.0- and 12.0-liter displacements. One of the industry segments where Zenith has been most successful is in the agricultural irrigation markets of central and northern California. In conjunction with N&S Tractor who has several locations throughout this region, Zenith has been successful in placing irrigation units in rice fields, vineyards, row crops and orchards.

Irrigation Vineyard
View from one of Zenith Power Product’s irrigation sites.

When asked about some of the factors that have made Zenith and N&S successful in this area, Mike Samoorian of Zenith said the introduction of the WPT Pilotless™ mechanical power take off has really helped to make these sales easier. Aside from the fact that the Pilotless™ design has made fitment and installation a breeze, end users enjoy the ease of maintenance, elimination of wear points, and increased longevity that the Pilotless™ PTO has to offer.

The WPT Pilotless™ PTO eliminates a major wear point and takes any direct loading off the end of an engine’s crank with the absence of a pilot bearing. This decreases main bearing wear and ultimately increases the engine’s life span. This also aides in ease of installation since you no longer need to worry if the pilot bearing has been properly seated. You also don’t have to “unload” the bearing by striking the end of the shaft!

Pilotless Mechanical Power Take-off on engine for irrigation
Zenith engine package with WPT’s Pilotless™ Power Take-off.

Inside the PTO housing, you’ll find that the engagement collar has been fitted with a sealed-for-life ball bearing, thereby eliminating grease hoses and the need for maintenance. Further down the shaft you’ll see support from two large spherical main roller bearings. These bearings are directly fed by two grease zerks that rest conveniently atop the bearing carrier making for easy service access. This dual main bearing arrangement boasts side load capacities by 60% more than any of WPT’s competitors, putting the Pilotless™ in a class by itself.

Zenith Power Products together with WPT Power have made major strides in improving the way that California farmers are getting water to their crops. Allow WPT to help you come up with a solution to your power transmission challenges. Give us a call or visit our website at www.wptpower.com

Mechanical PTO on engine package
Agricultural application features engine package with WPT Power’s Pilotless™ Mechanical PTO.