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Agriculture Markets

WPT Power’s products play a significant role in the agriculture market. With products like the innovative Pilotless™ Power Take-off (PTO), the rugged Type 1 and Type 2 PTOs, GM® and Automotive Style PTOs, and the Power Pump Drives, WPT has you covered no matter what you need. Paired with our unmatched Customer Service and Engineering capabilities, having a WPT on your agriculture equipment means more work gets done.

The WPT Pilotless™ line of PTOs features top-quality clutch components and dual spherical roller main bearings for maximum belt load. They are available in mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic operation. These PTOs are perfect for bale processors, tub grinders, silage baggers, windrow turners, and many more. The Pilotless™ PTO can be mounted in a belt-driven configuration or with a Cardan shaft to drive an augur, drum, blower, or any other equipment that needs heavy-duty power from the diesel engine.

pilotless mechanical PTO for agriculture

Banana Irrigation employs the use of the Pilotless™ Power Take-off with Cardan shaft.

The WPT Type 1 and Type 2 PTOs can be used in many of the same applications as the Pilotless™ PTOs but are engineered exclusively for belt drives. Type 1 and Type 2 are available with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation. The Type 1 is designed to support the maximum belt tension (or sideload) of any PTO. The Type 2 PTO features a rigid two-piece housing and bearing carrier construction for considerable power in a compact package. The Type 1 and Type 2 PTOs can be paired with either the WPT Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Control (HCC) or the WPT Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) for remote equipment engagement.

Power Take-Off on tub grinder

Inline Power Take-off on tub grinder application.

Irrigation is a pivotal process in the production of agricultural crops, especially in periods of less than average rainfall. It is also used for dust suppression, frost prevention, livestock cooling, and suppressing weed growth. One of the central components in an irrigation system is the Power Take-off clutch. Common PTOs in the irrigation markets are the GM® and Automotive Style PTOs. These PTOs feature flat-face spring-loaded clutch packs for maximum durability and ease of use. Both styles PTOs are designed to mount to the rear of a diesel, gas, or propane engine, which makes repurposing equipment for other needs straightforward. These PTOs also feature internal linkage mechanisms to protect the components from debris, rodents, adverse weather, and damage.

Pilotless Power Take-Off in agriculture irrigation

Pilotless™ Mechanical PTO on irrigation engine package.

With the arrival of Tier 4 diesel emission standards, it has become more likely that the engine manufacturers do not provide mounting for auxiliary hydraulic pumps or decline the option of driving them from the front of the crankshaft. This creates a problem for equipment manufacturers and end users, and this is where the WPT Pump Drive comes into save the day. The pump drives are strategically designed to bolt to the main SAE output of an industrial diesel engine to provide anywhere from one to eight SAE hydraulic pump and motor flange mounts. These mounts can operate hydrostatic drives for mobile equipment, air compressors, generators, and hydraulic pumps for booms, winches, excavators, grapples, loaders, and more. The smallest pump drive is the model WPD-03, a light-duty, synchronous belt-driven unit available in several SAE inputs and one SAE output. The next model up is the medium-duty WPD-00. This unit is gear-driven and has two pump heads with a total of four SAE mounts available for pumps. Input options include SAE #3, #2, and #1 housings. The next two models are the WPD-01 and WPD-02, which are large and extra-large heavy-duty units. Both units feature a modular head design that can be customized to provide one to eight pad mounts. They also feature provisions for an internal heat exchanger for auxiliary gear oil cooling.

So, when it comes time to find the right equipment for your agricultural equipment, WPT will be there with our industry-leading Customer Service and Engineering capabilities. And whether it is the Pilotless™ PTO line, the Type 1 and Type 2 PTOs, GM™ and Automotive Style PTOs, or the Power Pump Drives, we will work with you until the end.

For more information on any of the products listed above, please get in touch with WPT Power Applications Engineering or WPT Power Customer Support.