Water Blasting PTO Applications

industrial high-pressure water blasting unit
WPT Power Take-Off on an industrial high-pressure water blasting unit.

Here at WPT, we are often tasked with modifying our existing designs to better accommodate an OEM’s application. Such was the case with a Texas based water blasting manufacturer. For years, their design had incorporated an oil cooled main bearing that was otherwise not offered in our existing models. The manufacturer required not only the oil cooled bearing, but the unit had to exhibit superior side load bearing capabilities. WPT was able to incorporate our Pilotless™ technology design, providing the added side load capacity necessary.

The water blasting industry is one that has seen unparalleled growth over the last decade. As this industry has grown, so has the need for more rugged equipment and efficiency. WPT has been able to provide custom packages such as the one previously mentioned, and products from our existing line up such as the Over the Shaft Power Take-offs. The Over the Shaft (OTS) allows for in-line or radial configurations, as well as the capability for remote actuation. WPT’s OTS units can be energized pneumatically or hydraulically and are built on our trusted Pilotless™ platform.

Whether you choose our Pilotless™ Mechanical or OTS model, you can be assured that you are getting the highest side load capacity of any PTO on the market. This is important in the water blasting business as the piston pumps used in these applications are very demanding. Utilizing a belt and pulley drive system, these high-pressure pumps present one of the toughest sideload applications applied to Power Take-off clutches. WPTs clutches are not only up to the task, but we have the engineering and capability to accommodate whatever changes your application requires.

If you are a water blaster OEM and you are ready to take the next step into the future of Pilotless™ PTO technology, give us a call. We are here and ready to assist you with an application review and consultation. You can reach us by email at info@wptpower.com or by phone at (940) 761-1971. Call us today!