WPT PTOs In Air Curtain Burner Applications

mechanical PTO in air curtain application

One of the lesser-known applications that we service at WPT is the use of our mechanical PTOs in the air curtain industry. Air curtain mechanisms consists of a diesel engine driving a high-volume fan that force feeds oxygen to debris fires. Air Curtains come in two different designs. One style of air curtain utilizes a large diffuser that directs high velocity air into a pit where burning debris is force fed oxygen. The second style of air curtain incinerator uses a concrete lined steel box with air vents on one end. The air flows through the vents at the bottom of the box and creates a vortex of high velocity, oxygen-rich air. Force feeding oxygen in these applications results in a hotter, cleaner burning fire. As a result, less emissions are released into the atmosphere.

Mechanical PTO on trench burner fan
WPT Mechanical PTO on trench burner fan creates an additional burn chamber resulting in a very clean burn.

Most air curtain applications are side loaded. Because of this, the WPT Pilotless™ PTO makes a good candidate for this application. Belt driven fan applications tend to offer challenges such as high radial shaft loading and increased torque requirements at start up. The unique bearing arrangement and superior friction coefficient of WPT friction materials, put the Pilotless™ head and shoulders above the competitor’s product. The dual, spherical main bearings of this PTO give it unmatched side loading capabilities. Also, WPT’s proprietary blends of friction materials provide tooth strength and friction co-efficiencies suitable for any application.  

Power Take-off feeds oxygen on Air Curtain Burner
WPT Power Take-off force feeds oxygen on Air Curtain Burner.

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