Rotational Gearboxes On Utility Lifts

Swing Drives

Over the past several years, WPT has established itself as a major supplier to the Utility Vehicle market. The flagship product in this market is our Rotational Gearboxes used on Utility Lifts. Utility lifts encompass bucket trucks used by utility contractors and basket trucks used by sign companies. Other applications include but are not limited to truck cranes, boom saws and derrick diggers. 

The primary function of the Rotational Gearbox is to provide the transfer of power between a hydraulic motor and slewing gear. When power is applied from the motor, a worm gear in the gearbox is engaged. As the worm gear meshes with the slewing gear, the main boom or chute begins to either rotate or pivot, depending on the set up and application. In the case of a bucket or basket lift, this action provides the ability of the technician to access 360 degrees of his or her work environment. 

If you are an OEM who manufacturers rotating boom equipment, give WPT a call today. We can perform a comprehensive application review and specify a rotational gearbox that is tailor made for your application. We have the ability to provide sample boxes for testing to ensure that your custom gearbox meets, and in most cases exceeds your operating requirements. Give us a call today at (940) 761-1971, or you can reach us by email at