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Cotton Irrigation – The WPT Power Solution

Irrigation pump

Across the globe, cotton is a highly competitive and subsidized commodity. In the Australian agricultural sector, the cotton industry represents one of the most significant contributors. With international exports around $2 billion per season, this also makes Australia one of the world’s top exporters. 

To remain competitive, the Australian growers need higher yields and lower production costs. WPT Power plays a part in this process by offering numerous solutions when it comes to the all-important crop irrigation and water movement.

Coupled with today’s most efficient and up to the task diesel engines, WPT Power PTOs (over centre clutches) are fast becoming the benchmark on reliability, compatibility, and after sales support. Plus, they are outright the best option when it comes to total cost of ownership.

WPT offers standard SP-style replacement units and parts ranging from 6-inch up to 18-inch. If it is time for an upgrade, be sure to check out the high capacity Pilotless™ Power Take-Off design; which is also available in a hydraulic model, the OTS. For larger pumps the Type 1 GEN II offers unmatched sideload and torque capacity.

The ever popular Pilotless™ PTO from WPT Power removes the need for a pilot bearing in the engine flywheel. This design change results in 70 percent more sideload capacity and no transmitted loading into the engine’s main bearings. The units come standard with a sealed for life collar bearing that reduces overall maintenance requirements. Additional steps can be taken to automate engagement and increase capacity. This makes the Pilotless™ PTO the most robust, easy to fit and maintain solution on the market.

WPT Power will be exhibiting at the Australian Cotton Trade Show on August 25 & 26 at the Toowoomba Showgrounds in Queensland, Australia. If you are attending the show, please come by Stand 119 to discuss your needs in person. To contact WPT Power regardless of your location, you can reach us at info@wptpower.com