Amish Sawmills


Sawmills have been used in the United States for decades to convert raw timber into lumber. Lumber from these mills is primarily used to make housing structures, furniture, pallets, & flooring. Sawmills work by positioning a log on one end and cut-to-length lumber exits the other. Trees chosen to be harvested are chopped down, delimbed, debarked, and sorted by various sizes. The sawyer then uses the primary saw to break down the logs into smaller sections to be edged and trimmed.

Multiple Mill Functions, One PTO Solution

Sawmills are common with the Amish Community, who have a well-deserved reputation for woodworking and craftsmanship. Amish lumber mills typically run on a conservative power source such as a drive shaft and pully system. Usually powered by a diesel engine, the drive shaft runs a system of belts and pullies to operate saws, sanders, and other equipment lined up along the shaft. In order to engage the belts, there must be a transition of power from the engine to the drive. Look no further than the WPT Pilotless® Power Take-Off Clutch (PTO) as the solution. Because wood mills have many moving parts, it is very important to have a reliable clutch at the center of operation. 

Clutch is Central

Sawmill users have trusted WPT Power as their primary source for power take-offs for years. Paired with the diesel engine, the WPT Pilotless® PTO provides lumber mill users with the direct power they need to work at peak efficiency. The eliminated pilot bearing avoids pilot bearing failures completely, which prevents the need to stock multiple pilot bearing options. In addition, the dual main bearing design increases sideload capacity by over 60% which allows wood mill users to operate multiple functions at once.

Sawmill users often find themselves using multiple brands and sizes of diesel engines. However, WPT can accommodate any SAE housing & flywheel size to fit your application. Whether it’s a sawmill, woodchipper, rock crusher, water blaster, WPT has the clutch for you. For more information, please contact a WPT Sales Representative at 940.761.1971.