OTS for Vacuum Trucks

Over the Shaft Vacuum System

In the world of recycling, there’s a plethora of machines designed to aid in the reclamation of waste products. Industrial dust collectors are one example, and WPT has played an active role in supplying our PTOs for these machines for quite some time. Large truck or trailer mounted vacuum systems which are powered by diesel engines are used to collect refuse created as a byproduct of sand blasting. These vacuum systems are set up on the outside of the refuse containment area and collects and filters the contaminated air from within. 

WPT’s PTO is a key component in the powertrain of the machine, providing the clutchable link between the diesel engine and the vacuum pump. Some of WPT’s customers have selected the Over the Shaft (OTS) PTO. The OTS is a pneumatic or hydraulically actuated PTO that can be engaged or disengaged remotely. The actuation port for the PTO is located on the side of the housing, allowing for inline and side loaded applications. When air or hydraulic fluid is introduced into the port, the clutch pack is engaged by energizing an internal piston. This piston in turn applies pressure onto a thrust bearing that compresses the clutch plates and engages the shaft.

The OTS exhibits several distinct advantages in this application. Chief among them is the ability of the operator to engage and disengage the clutch by pushing a button from a remote location. This style of actuation can be incorporated into the OEM’s existing control panel. In addition, a limiter switch can be integrated to avoid engagement at excessive RPMs. Another advantage is the OTS’s Pilotless™ design. The Pilotless™ platform is constructed in a way that allows for greater side loaded capabilities. When compared to the typical mechanical design, the Pilotless™ can provide up to 70% more side load capacity. Lastly, the OTS is self-adjusting. Unlike its mechanical counterpart, the thrust bearing style of actuation holds constant pressure on the clutch pack and self corrects tolerances as the clutch plates wear.

If you are an OEM looking for clutch solutions for your unique design, give WPT a call today. Our staff of qualified applications engineers are well versed in matching the proper WPT product to your application. Once we collect your data, we can perform a comprehensive application review and recommend the right model for the job. Contact us today @ (940) 761-1971, or you can email us at info@wptpower.com .