Well Servicing Products

Workover rigs

Workover rigs, or sometimes called well servicing rigs, are a key element in the oil and gas sector. Service rigs operate on active wells to pull and replace the key downhole components in order to extend the life of the well. Well servicing rigs use a drawworks system, the primary hoisting unit, to raise and lower the pipe and other tools into the well bore. A modern drawworks has 5 main components: the drum, the engine, the reduction gear, brake, and auxiliary brake.

Clutch and Brake Application

WPT Power supplies its Power Grip and Power Grip PO Clutches for the main and sand line drums on a typical drawworks system. The WPT clutches are utilized as the primary means to transmit power from the engine to the drawworks, allowing for the operation of removing or installing pipe into the well bore. Paired with the clutch, WPT’s Water Cooled or Caliper Disc Brakes are typically used as an assist brake to the primary band brake system on these service rigs.  WPT’s brakes are required to absorb large amounts of energy from the heavy workload, so the heat dissipation performance of these brakes is critical.

Clutch and Brake Products

– WPT Plate Clutches (Power Grip & PO Power Grip) are suitable for inline or shaft-to-shaft applications and are available in 1, 2 or 3 plate diameters. Drawwork applications demand high inertia loads, which makes WPT Plate Power Grip & Power Grip PO the perfect solution.

– The WPT Water Cooled Brake is engineered specifically for applications where large thermal loads must be dissipated. WPT airtubes are corrosion resistant and require no additional protective treatments, which makes them suitable to operate in harsh environments. 

– The WPT caliper works as a clamp, squeezing the brake pads to tighten down onto the disc to slow or stop the rotations. A air applied, spring release system is great for delivering light to medium duty torque, but with an emergency or parking brake function.

30 Years of Safety and Reliability

Safety is a key factor in the oil & gas market and choosing the most reliable clutch and braking system is essential to ensure the drawworks is operating at max efficiency. WPT has been the preferred choice for clutch & brake products by the top OEM’s in the industry, and continues to thrive by saving customers time and money.

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Written By: Ty Kirk, Sales Representative