Brush and Wood Chipper Clutches – Parts and Complete Assemblies 

Chipper replacement units

For decades now, WPT Power has been manufacturing clutch parts and complete assemblies for brush and wood chippers. They also have part-for-part interchangeability and complete drop-in replacement for other brands, including the SP product family of mechanical PTOs.  

In this global chipper market, you will frequently see SP111, SP211 in the shorter, 4.5” length configuration, SP311 through to the SP114, SP214, and SP314 in use. On larger tree care and forestry equipment, the SP318 model can be found. Whether it’s the original bronze collar sliding sleeves on the shelf or the greaseable bearing variation in either part or assembly format. WPT has all these models covered. 

Chipper clutch parts and assemblies

Another benefit of dealing with WPT Power and its network of distributors. The availability to discuss solutions like ways of increasing side load capacity using WPT Power’s market-leading Pilotless™ design if the application permits. Heavy-duty friction where the tooth strength can be increased. This is particularly popular with hire or short-term lease fleets, introducing self-adjusting hydraulic engagement models.  

No matter if you are the arborist operating the machine, a servicing dealer, or a chipper manufacturer, WPT Power can cater to almost everything from the smallest one-off requirement to ongoing supply resources. WPT stocks pre-assembled clutch packs and complete PTOs ready for installation, and all parts are available individually. 

WPT Power also offers general technical support if needed. We can assist you whether it is installation or maintenance related or some root cause analysis.

To receive information on the direct WPT equivalent to your PTO or to discuss your application in detail, please reach out to your nearest distributor or WPT factory representative.