WPT Flywheel Housing and Flywheel Adapter Guide for Tier 4 Engines

Tier 4 Flywheel Adapters and Spacers

More Standards, More Problems

The implementation of the Tier 4 standard in 2015 brought the strictest EPA emissions requirements for diesel engines this century. An unforeseen byproduct of this standard was the disregard of the industrial SAE specifications for flywheel housing and flywheels. Specifically, the section that governs the over-center clutch mounting.

Forgetting Industrial SAE Mounting

To meet growing demands and adhere to the emissions standard, engine manufacturers opted not to support the industrial SAE mounting. This meant engines had no bore for the pilot bearing, and the flywheel offset was incorrect, or both. All of this, coupled with a price increase, made for a hectic time to purchase an engine and Power Take-off (PTO).

Leading the Way

WPT was at the forefront of this issue when we released our first Pilotless® Mechanical PTO in 2015. These PTOs eliminated the need for the pilot bearing bore by using a dual main bearing assembly. This solved the first problem.

To solve the second problem, WPT created flywheel housing and flywheel spacers and adapters. These spacers and adapters, when used with our Pilotless® PTO series, made for a cost-effective solution to this new Tier 4 dilemma.

WPT Tier 4 Flywheel Housing and Flywheel Guide

Over the years, we have expanded our range of spacers and adapters. Below are charts of the most common offerings.

PTO Flywheel Guide

Zero Offset Flywheel Housing Adapters

SAE InputSAE OutputTypePart Number

Flywheel Adapters

SAE InputSAE OutputTypePart Number
*Consult WPT for proper fitment information

Flywheel Spacers

SAE InputOffsetTypePart Number
14 inch1/2"CWTD-00-013
10.5 inch1"CWTD-00-016
7.5 inch1"CWTD-00-019
6.5 inch5/8"CWTD-00-022
7.5 inch13/16"CWTD-00-024
7.5 inch11/16"CWTD-00-032

Offset Flywheel Housing Adapters

SAE InputSAE OutputTypePart Number

Flywheel Housing Spacers

SAE InputOffsetTypePart Number

So, whether it’s mounting a PTO to a Tier 4 engine or another application challenge, look no further than WPT Power for the solution!  Contact a WPT Sales Representative at 940.761.1971 or info@wptpower.com or visit our website at www.WPTpower.com.