Pilotless® PTO in Agriculture Augers

Agriculture Augers

Off-Highway construction and agriculture industries are some of the harshest environments for your equipment’s engines and components. At WPT, we have created our Pilotless® Power Take-Off (PTO) to eliminate wear and tear on the engine, reduce the cost of extra parts, and make installation simpler. 

No pilot bearing means you can eliminate costly downtime while trying to align the pilot bearing on the install process. With our Dual Spherical Roller main bearing design, the WPT Pilotless® PTO offers a larger side load capacity without affecting the crankshaft performance. It also allows for heavily sideloaded right-angle belt drives or inline applications with a coupler. This makes for a great matchup with self-propelled loading agriculture grain augers. Diesel engines power these augers and transfer around 14,000 bushels an hour. Agriculture implements such as these augers must be dependable, versatile, and transportable to travel for harvest. Our Pilotless® PTO allows a manufacturer to configure the design and layout to be compact and functional while continuing to deliver great power and performance. 

Pilotless® Advantages in Grain Auger Applications

The Pilotless® PTO product can be retrofitted into existing equipment or engineered for new equipment and provides the following benefits and features:

  • Dual Spherical Roller main bearing design
  • Time-saving assembly with no pilot bearing alignment required.
  • Most sizes fit within the envelope of the previous design.
  • No direct loading to the crankshaft increases the life of the engine’s main bearings.
  • Up to 70 percent increase in sideload capacity
  • Standard, HD Molded, and HD Laminated friction options.

For more information regarding the Pilotless® PTO or any other PTOs from WPT, please contact info@wptpower.com or your WPT Factory Representative.

Written By: Steven Ward WPT North America