WPT Guides, Resources, and Tutorials

Reference materials

WPT Power provides a variety of guides, tutorials, and other resources designed to offer the maximum benefit in the ownership of our products. In an always-on world, customer support is of uppermost importance to WPT. We’re committed to providing you excellent support for the entire product life.

Where to Access the Resource Guides

We provide help and answers to your frequently asked questions as soon as they come up— twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In other words, in real-time. Since we have a global reach, WPT’s primary support is with the reference materials provided online.

3 Most Accessed Online Links

1. Installation and Maintenance Manuals

These provide step-by-step technical information on how to install and set up the products properly. Our installation guides include installation methods, system requirements, and proper operational use.

2. Product Assembly Videos

Our product’s assembly videos primary aim is to guide customers or users through the building process. Visually demonstrating each step is generally the most intuitive way to follow instructions on building or replacing wear parts. In addition, videos are a great resource where minimal or no English is spoken, making them suitable for a global audience.

3. Product Brochures

WPT’s brochures provide detailed overview information about our product lines and applications. They include specifications, dimensions, features, and benefits you would need to know.

How to reference materials

Customer Service, Our Number 1 Resource

WPT is different because of the PEOPLE we have in customer service. Audits, including the Annual Customer Satisfaction survey, have extremely positive feedback that supports it. People are our most important resource, from our Distributors, Sales Representatives, customer support, and employees. We need and want to ensure excellent customer satisfaction to stay competitive and build solid, long-lasting relationships.

Contact WPT Power with your inquiries to speak directly with someone. No being forced to talk to a machine or navigate a myriad of numbers. We answer every call and email because we want to expedite your request and help you minimize any inconvenience or downtime.

With that in mind, we want to hear from you whether you are interested in purchasing our clutches and brakes, have custom orders, or need application assistance. If you want more information, check out our website or contact us at info@wptpower.com or 940-761-1971.