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Type 2 PTO

The WPT® Type 2 Hydraulic Power Take-Off utilizes large spherical roller bearings designed for heavier duty sideload capacity. This power take-off is self-adjusting and can be supplied with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation. The WPT® Type 2 removes the pilot bearing from inside the engine flywheel reducing PTO maintenance and premature failures. This product can increase the life of gas and diesel engines, electric motors and their bearings since there is no direct loading to the crankshaft.

Hydraulic Power Take Off

The WPT Type 2 Hydraulic Power Take-off provides the following benefits and features:
  • Air or hydraulic actuation
  • Dual spherical roller main bearing design suitable for larger load capacity
  • Time savings for assembly due to no pilot bearing alignment required.
  • No direct loading to engine crankshaft increases life of engine bearings.
  • Remote engagement offered
Type 2 PTO

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