The Differences and Benefits of Type 1 and Type 2 PTO Clutches

type 1 PTO vs type 2 PTOThere are differences between Type 1 and Type 2 power take off clutches, yet both offer many benefits and advantages to your application. Each one can be used in a variety of operations, so deciding which one is preferred will require you to look at the setup and benefits of both.

Type 1 PTO Clutch
A Type 1 PTO is designed to be a workhorse in a wide range of industrial and heavy-duty applications. They have large spherical roller bearings with the sheave mounted between them. This allows for the maximum potential of these bearings to be realized. The Type 1 PTO is in it’s element in applications such as rock crushers, wood chippers, mud pumps, other demanding equipment with high impact loads. In fact, a Type 1 PTO has a sideload capacity that is two to four times that of Type 2. The benefits of a Type 1 PTO are remote engagement availability, self-adjusting clutch, air or hydraulic actuation, plus heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs.

Type 2 PTO Clutch
For many sideload applications, the Type 2 PTO can prove to be more than versatile for your needs. The innovative design of the Type 2 makes for a high capacity PTO in a smaller footprint. Like the Type 1, the Type 2 has spherical roller bearings that have been successfully field tested in many applications. Those applications can include road planers, hammer mills, tub grinders and hydraulic pumps. There are many benefits to the Type 2 PTO including the option of remote engagement, self-adjusting clutch, air or hydraulic actuation, heavy-duty gear-tooth friction discs, and the ability to lubricate with grease or oil. The Type 2 provides users with maximum capacity in a small package

Deciding which one is right for your application might come down to the numbers. A Type 1 PTO is best suited for applications requiring maximum sideload capacity while a Type 2 PTO is better equipped to handle applications between light and medium duty sideload. Contact your local dealer for more information about both types of PTO Clutches.

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