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Pilotless™ PTO Hits the Sweet Spot

WPT has a long history in the agricultural market with irrigation being one of the primary applications that we service. From produce such as citrus, cotton, soybeans and many others, WPT has maintained a strong relationship with farmers throughout North America and abroad. Major agricultural users of our Power Take Off units, not surprisingly, are the sugar cane growers. One large sugar cane producer in the Southeast region of the US chose the WPT Pilotless™ PTO for their “new standard” of mechanical clutch.

Pilotless™ PTO on sugarcane fields
Pilotless™ PTO handles irrigation demands required on sugar cane fields.

Managing several miles of irrigation canals in an effort to irrigate over 230,000 acres of sugar cane is no small feat. Having dependable equipment for such an operation is paramount. After years of being plagued with maintenance issues and troublesome pilot bearing failures, this grower turned to WPT for solutions. We were able to show this large farm operation the many advantages of the Pilotless™ Mechanical PTO and how it can decrease their downtime and increase their profit margins.

From offering them increased side load capabilities, to minimized wear and maintenance points, the use of WPT’s Pilotless™ has proven to decrease their failures and downtime. Using the Pilotless™ has also enabled them to standardize their fleet by eliminating the need to stock separate models to accommodate both in-line and sideload applications. The combination of eliminating the pilot bearing, utilizing a sealed-for-life ball bearing collar and replacing the standard tapered roller bearings with heavy duty dual, spherical roller main bearings, has put the WPT Pilotless™ head and shoulders above the competition in both performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

Well into their second year of converting the remaining fleet over to the WPT Pilotless™ Power Take Off, the grower has already realized significant improvements making their ownership more cost efficient. A third party service dealer and engine packager for the grower stated, “The WPT Pilotless™ has done such a good job here in the cane fields, our customers will not accept any other PTO on the power units that we provide”.

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