Cleaning up the Industry

Vacuum systems

Thousands of oil spills occur in the U.S. every year. Most spills are often very small and require immediate attention to prevent further damage to the environment. Over time, technology has been engineered to safely and effectively clean up the oil from the land. Vacuum trailer systems are a part of that solution. They’re an efficient way to recover a wide range of liquids from the ground or water.

Due to their versatility, vacuum trailers are used to transport and dispose of oil that is spilled in terrain where other vacuum systems cannot access. Larger vacuum trailers carry up to 1000 gallons of waste and can be towed behind a pickup. Other trailers, like the All-Terrain Vacuum System, are trailer mounted for off-road environments and can be towed by a UTV.

These systems require a high-powered vacuum pump to quickly recover discharged oil. Often powered by a diesel engine, vacuum trailers are most reliable when they are driven by a Power Take-Off (PTO) clutch. To get the maximum power output of the engine, vacuum trailers are often designed with a belt drive paired with a PTO to drive the vacuum at max capacity.

Solid ductile iron components make the WPT PTO durable for the most extreme conditions. The sealed for life pilot bearing also eliminates lubrication problems. Available in 6-18”, the WPT Power Take-Off is suitable for customers equipped with different flywheel sizes looking to power their equipment. Available in Pilotless™, which can accommodate higher sideload applications.

The WPT Power-Take Off has been the number one choice for vacuum trailer OEM’s looking for a setup to endure the grueling terrains they are faced with. Durability, price, and lead times are what manufacturers look for when choosing a superior setup, and WPT has engineered the perfect solution. With PTO’s available in mechanical, hydraulic, & pneumatic, the WPT Team has a solution for your application. To ensure you are getting the most dependable setup on the market, contact a WPT Sales Representative at 940.761.1971 or