How To Identify Power Take-Off Parts – Pilotless® Mechanical

PTO parts guide

Here is a quick reference guide to visually identify the common parts of a WPT Pilotless® Mechanical Power Take-Off.

The main objective of a part list and exploded drawing is to provide a clear part ID, limiting any possible confusion in ordering replacement parts. This is often the best way to reduce the guesswork of describing components and misidentification, which can lead to possible time-consuming reorders. This MPTO exploded parts drawing can serve as a reference for paring the technical rendering of individual parts and their corresponding names. It is valuable to help the customer and manufacturer be on the same page, making a more streamlined and efficient ordering process.

PTO parts exploded view
Item NumberProduct Name
1Hub Nut
2Lock Washer
3Clutch Pack
4Drive Ring
5Hex Screw
6Inboard Bearing Endcap
7Hand Lever Assembly
10Inboard Spherical Roller Bearings
11Clutch Key
12Clutch Shaft
13Output Shaft Key
14Outboard Spherical Roller Bearings
15Outboard Bearing Endcap
16Grease Fitting Cap
17Grease Zerk
18Throwout Yoke Assembly
19Woodruff Key
20Operating Shaft

Be sure to utilize the Installation and Maintenance manuals, which provide comprehensive instructions and guidance for properly installing, operating, and maintaining your particular PTO. They are an excellent reference for end-users to maximize the performance and longevity of the equipment. Remember to follow all safety precautions before starting any work on your PTO.

Call WPT Power for genuine factory parts for WPT’s Pilotless® Mechanical PTO and replacement parts for other brands. If you cannot identify the components or need support, call WPT Power’s Customer Service at 940-761-1971 or contact your local Distributor.